In Response to the Top 50 Science List

Photo by Paige Jarreau

Photo by Paige Jarreau

This post is in response to the 'top 50 science stars of Twitter' list published on Science Magazine's website today. Regardless of the methods used to put together that list, and whether or not the methods were fair and not inherently biased against women in science (my impression is that they are extremely biased), I've complied my own list of some of the top science stars of Twitter - this time focusing on women.

From the Science Mag top 50 science stars list article: "To identify Twitter science stars, we began with celebrity scientists such as Tyson and checked out which scientists they followed. We also referenced online lists of scientists to follow on Twitter, such as this one by The Huffington Post." Right, so they started with popular male celebrity scientists like Tyson, and compiled a list of mostly men by following the 'celebrity scientist' circles out from there. Shocking.

My list is NOT exhaustive at all, and certainly is personally biased by the scientists I myself follow and know on Twitter. I also took some feedback via Twitter today. But please feel free to add to this list, either by commenting below or taking this list and adding to it on your own blog. This list is really only the beginning of a list of AWESOME female (and male) scientist stars on Twitter.

Another important point - I would consider graduate students and post-docs scientists too. And I've thrown a few former-ish scientists in here too, because you know what, a scientist is a scientist, is always a scientist.

Updated 9/19/2014 - 110 Awesome Women Scientist Tweeters

@drkiki - PhD scientist in neurophysiology (171K followers)

@AstroKarenN - NASA Astronaut (102K followers)

@DrAliceRoberts - Professor of Public Engagement, Physical anthropologist (67.7K followers)

@sciencegoddess - Biology Lecturer, Read Science! host (52.7K followers)

@elakdawalla - Planetary scientist, writer (44.1K followers) *Personal favorite, so well spoken, multimedia tweets

@scicurious - PhD in Physiology, now science blogger at Science News (32K followers) *Personal favorite, inspire-er of science

@SylviaEarle - Oceanographer (34.2K followers)

@DrMelanieG - Psychologist (37.2K followers)

@carolynporco - Planetary scientist (26.4K followers)

@GrrlScientist - Evolutionary biologist, ornithologist (15.8K followers)

@AstroKatie - Astrophysicist (14.2K followers) *Personal favorite, always responds to your tweets about astrophysics & more

@AmyMainzer - Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (13.9K followers)

@arielwaldman@NASciences Human Spaceflight Committee, citizen science (23K followers)

@ehmee - Museum studies, Chief Curiosity Correspondent for the @FieldMuseum (25.3K followers)

@starstryder - Astronomer, writer (18.1K followers)

@NerdyChristie - PhD Candidate in cell and molecular biology (13.5K followers) *Personal favorite, never misses a beat in her area, great pics

@CatherineQ - Astrophysicist, science communicator (13.5K followers)

@debbiebere - Physicist (13.1K followers)

@kejames - Biologist (12.5K followers) *Personal favorite, always taking up for women in science

@helenczerski - Physics, bubbles, oceans (12.2K followers)

@utafrith - Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Development at UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (12.9K followers)

@lirarandall - Physicist (~12K followers)

@Dr_Lucie - Royal Society University Research Fellow staring at the Sun and beyond.(11.7K followers)

@DNLee5 - Biologist (11.5K followers) *Personal favorite, just follow and you will see

@bug_gwen - Entomologist, educator, writer (~10K followers) *Personal favorite, bugs! Pictures! bugs!

@yayayarndiva - Pediatrician, medical advocate (~9.3K followers)

@girlscientist - Geneticist - Associate Prof @EmoryMedicine (9.4K followers)

@AtheneDonald - Physics Professor Cambridge, researching interface with biology (9.1K followers)

@ejwillingham - Biologist (8.3K followers)

@NoisyAstronomer - Astronomer (~8K followers)

@LizNeeley - Mixes passion for science, journalism & communication; Studied the evolution and visual systems of tropical reef fishes (8K followers) *Personal favorite for science of science communication (#ScioScicomm) Tweets!

@AndreaKuszewski - Cognitive scientist (7.8K followers)

@aetiology - Associate Professor, microbiology / infectious disease epidemiology (~7.5K followers) *Personal favorite, amazing recent Ebola coverage

@mireyamayor - Host of Nat Geo Wild, Explorer/Wildlife Expert (7.9K followers)

@KateClancy - Biological anthropologist (7.5K followers)

@Sheril_ - Director of @UTAustin's Energy Poll (6.1K followers)

@JacquelynGill - Ice Age ecologist (5.8K followers) *Personal favorite, very engaging

@PlanetDr - Planetary scientist (5.8K followers)

@Sofiabiologista - Biologist, photographer, blogger & entrepreneur founder of the biologist apprentice (5.9K followers) *I just followed her today, because her Twitter bio/wildlife pics are AMAZING

@upulie - Molecular biologist (~5.5K followers) *Personal favorite, very engaging

@DrRubidium - Analytical chemist (~5.5K followers)

@docfreeride - Philosopher (~5K followers)

@astropixie - Astrophysicist (~5K followers)

@biochembelle - Scientist, communicator (~5K followers)

@hollybik - Microbial eukaryotes and marine genomics (~5K followers) *Personal favorite, talks about science AND social media

@flimsin - Climate scientist (3.8K followers)

@genegeek - PhD in medical genetics (~4K followers)

@dr_krystal - Malaria research scientist (4.4K followers)

@artologica - Science art (3.8K followers)

@soozaphone - Final year Epidemiology PhD student (~4K followers) *Personal favorite, amazing writer, science + music

@deepseadawn - Chief Scientist of Esri, GIS/oceans, ocean mapper (3.4K followers)

@TaraShears - Particle physicist (3K followers)

@DogSpies - PhD student, presenter of dog science (3K followers)

@skaka_lulu - Astrophysicist (3.3K followers)

@Mammals_Suck - Human Evolutionary Biologist (~3K followers)

@DrEmmaLJohnston - Prof of marine ecology (3.1K followers)

@highlyanne - Watershed hydrology professor (~3.5K followers)

@heather_berlin - Cognitive Neuroscientist, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience (~3.5K followers)

@HopeJahren - Professor, plants (3.3K followers)

@evelynjlamb - Mathematician (3.1K followers)

@Dr_Mel_Thomson - Microbiologist (3.2K followers)

@DrKillgrove - Anthropologist (3K followers)

@sarahkendrew - Astronomer, University of Oxford, UK. (3K followers)

@FunSizeSuze - Nanochemist, Teaching Fellow @IC_Materials (3K followers) *Being a nano-geek, I can't believe I didn't follow her before now!

@UKLadybirds - UK Ladybird Survey recording all species of ladybird, Tweets by Helen Roy (3K followers)

@geneticmaize - PhD maize genetics (2.9K followers)

@gkygirlengineer - Environmental health scientist and engineer (2.7K followers)

@GainesOnBrains - PhD student studying sleep and obesity (~2K followers) *Personal favorite, so unique! Amazing writer

@mcshanahan - Research Chair Science Ed & Public Engagement at UCalgary (2.7K followers)

@NathaliaHolt - Microbiologist (~2.6K followers)

@snowHydro - Scientist, writer (2.5K followers) *Personal favorite, always replies to your tweets, great science communication ideas

@PolycrystalhD - Neuroscientist (2.5K followers)

@curryja - Climate scientist @ Georgia Tech (2.8K followers)

@digitalbio - Bioinformatics and Biology (2.7K followers)

@KarenLMasters - Astronomer, Project Scientist for @GalaxyZoo (2.5K followers)

@carolune - Proud mum working in science, development, technology, hacking (physics, engineering, astrophysics) (2.5K followers)

@autismcrisis - Autism researcher, blogging (2.5K followers)

@JenEDavison - Scientist (2K followers)

@AntarcticGlacie - Explaining the Science of Antarctic Glaciology. Tweets by Dr Bethan Davies, Lecturer in Physical Geography (1.9K followers)

@redlipblenny - Professor of Marine Ecology (2K followers)

@trueanomalies - PhD student studying planetary science (~2K followers)

@ScientistMags - Chemist (2.3K followers) *Personal favorite, I've known her on Twitter from the very 'beginning'

@easternblog - Biochemist by training, now she works with scientists and in science communication (2.4K followers)

@margagual - PhD, Entrepreneur, AAAS Science Diplomacy Scholar (2.3K followers)

@SiouxsieW - Microbiologist (~2K followers)

@Tuff_Cookie - Volcanologist (2K followers)

@melanietbaum - Social Psychologist (2K followers) *Personal favorite, science of science communication

@aerognome - PhD, engineer, better known for tweeting (~1.8K followers)

@bat_whisperer - Bat ecologist (1.7K followers)

@ayanaeliza - Marine biologist (1.7K followers)

@CorrieMoreau - Evolutionary biology, ants (~1.8K followers)

@emilysdarling - Conservation Research Fellow (~1.9K followers)

@tanyaofmars - PhD student (~1.5K followers)

@kwren88 - Amphibian Ecologist (1.6K followers)

@DrHolly - Scientist. Communicator. (1.7K followers)

@dalcantonJD - Astrophysicist, Principal Investigator of the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (~1.7K followers)

@Paleophile - Evolutionary Anthropology, aspiring naturalist/explorer/writer (~1.8K followers)

@emckiernan13 - Physiologist (~1.9K followers) *Personal favorite, great thoughts on open science 

@kimwhitestein - Scientist at Gatorade Sports Science Institute (~2K followers)

@ThePurplePage - PhD candidate in biochemistry & biophysics, #BLACKandSTEM initiator (1.5K followers)

@DoUBelieveInDog - Began as two canine scientists being digital pen pals… now a canine science community. Tweets (mostly) by Mia Cobb/Julie Hecht (1.5K followers)

@rejectedbanana - Physical oceanographer and blogger at DeepSeaNews (1.5K followers)

@MichelleWcisel - Zoologist specialized in predator/prey behaviour (~1.4K followers) *Personal favorite for coherent and colorful tweets

@suzie_birch - Archaeology, paleoecology, climate change (1.4K followers)

@canopymeg - Tree canopy biologist (1.3K followers) *Personal favorite, the nicest scientist you'll ever meet

@SoundingTheSea - Marine Policy Fellow, PhD candidate using acoustics (sound) to study cetaceans/birds (1.3K followers)

@HeidiKayDeidi - Postdoc, co-host of podcast (1.1K followers)

@alisonatkin - PhD student, osteoarchaeologer (+1K followers)

and on and on and on and on... please add more in comment section.

Group Twitter Handles to Follow 

@realscientists - Real science from real scientists, communicators, writers, artists and clinicians, often featuring women (13.3K followers)

@galaxyzoo - A citizen science project, with tweets from @KarenLMasters (Astronomer) @vrooje (Astronomer) (11.2K followers)

@Science_Grrl - A network celebrating & supporting women in science (11.7K followers) 

@TenureSheWrote - Women on the tenure track with something to say (~2.7K followers)

@BLACKandSTEM - great tweets encouraging diversity in STEM

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And a growing list of female scientist tweeters can be found on Twitter #WomenTweetScienceToo

Please let me know if this list is missing someone who should really be on it. I'm happy to modify the list!