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I'm available for science communication and social media consulting! Whether you are an individual, research team or organization, I can help you improve the effectiveness of your science communication efforts and foster enhanced engagement with target audiences via social media. 

Need help? Contact me at pbj@fromthelabbench.com.

Since 2011, I have been creating and teaching others how to create engaging content to communicate science and research. I have extensive experience conducting science communication and social media workshops for scientists and communicators, and consulting on science storytelling and social media projects. I have conducted numerous interview- and survey-based research projects to investigate best practices in science and environmental communication and to characterize audiences of science media, including recently a large-scale survey of readers of the PLOS Blogs network.



I have organized and run multiple science communication and social media workshops for scientists, and taught academic courses in science communication and digital storytelling.

Science communication workshops. I can teach aspects of public understanding of science, science and environmental psychology, communication of science in new media environments, best practices for attitude and behavior change campaigns, digital storytelling, interviewing and being interviewed, engaging use of social media, science writing/blogging, and photo/audio/video editing (via Adobe products). 

Social media training for scientists. I can conduct social media workshops and provide evidence-based, hands-on social media training for scientists, science communicators and students. This might include advising individuals, research teams or organizations on their use of social media for engaging audiences in science and research, or advising on elements of blogging, blog site design, web design and flow.

Previous Workshops

Strategic Social Media Plans

I can create a custom, evidence-based strategic social media plan for your science organization or science communication project, and guide you through enactment of this plan. I can provide evidence-based strategies for improving science communication and audience engagement, based on peer-reviewed literature and custom research.

Digital Science Storytelling

I can create web, blog and multimedia content for your science communication projects. I provide freelance custom science photography as well as science writing and digital storytelling.

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I can review, edit and proof-read your articles, grant applications and/or scientific manuscripts.


I can conduct qualitative or quantitative social science research (for example via interviews, surveys or experiments) to investigate and enhance various aspects of your science communication project. This might include surveying readers of your content, interviewing stakeholders to help guide your science communication project in strategic ways, using social media metrics to quantify your reach, or using experiments to guide target audience, content and delivery decisions.


Consulting fees for From The Lab Bench Consulting will be billed per project, and are dependent upon project needs on both your end and mine. Contact pbj@fromthelabbench.com for specific inquiries, or fill out the form below.

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