I'm an Engineer, Get me Out of Here!

meet the engineers.jpg Tomorrow marks the official start of I’m an Engineer, Get me Out of Here!, an engineering enrichment and engagement activity funded by an Ingenious grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering. The event is a spin-off of the exceedingly popular I’m a Scientist, Get me Out of Here! X-factor style competition in which high-school students get to interact with scientists online, asking questions and live-chatting, while in the meantime voting for their favorite scientist, or engineer in this case. I’m an Engineer is designed “to help Maths, D&T and Science teachers raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities in engineering, and bring engineering to life for students.” I think that this event is a wonderful and revolutionary way to get high-school students engaged with scientists and engineers, as well as to get scientists and engineers involved in the public sphere.

This year, the inaugural year for I’m an Engineer, Get me Out of Here!, engineers in five zones are competing for student votes while breaking down barriers between high-school students and ‘real-life engineers’. This year’s zones include the Energy Zone, the Health Zone, the High Performance Zone, the Measurement Zone, the Transport Zone, and the Water Zone. The winning engineer in each zone will take away £500 to spend on a STEM engagement project.

Excitingly, I am participating as an Engineer in the Health Zone for this first year of I’m an Engineer, Get me Out of Here!


For 2 weeks starting today, corresponding with the British National Science and Engineering Week, I will be answering all questions that these bright and curious students can think of, and live-chatting with the students online! What Fun!!

You can visit my I’m an Engineer profile and check out recent questions that students have asked and that myself and the other Health Zone engineers have answered here. If you’d like to add to my answers, or correct my science, please leave a comment on this blog post referencing the original question. I will also be posting my answers to select questions on Twitter @FromTheLabBench.

Let the Games Begin!