Introducing Super-Hero Experiments

Meissner Effect.jpg
“The test of all knowledge is experiment.” – Richard Feynman, 6 Easy Pieces

Experimentation is a key step in the scientific method, which proceeds by observation, reasoning, and testing of reasoning, or experiment. According to Richard Feynman, “the sole test of the validity of any (scientific) idea is experiment”. Precise and controlled experiments are the foundation for scientific research, and they are the means by which we test and confirm the laws of nature.

As we consider the best scientific research to date, we observe a wide variety in the quality and impact of scientific experiments. Some experiments are ‘neat’, some are very clever, and some are never forgotten. These are the experiments that lay the foundation for our understanding of the world, that pave the way to future groundbreaking discoveries, and that win Nobel prizes.

antibiotics.jpg Follow me here at From The Lab Bench over the next week, as I journey into the world of Super-Hero Experiments. I will be discussing some of the most revealing experiments of all time, from not only my own point of view, but also from the views of science-loving Tweeters! Have your own ‘favorite science experiment of all time’? Suggest it for discussion here by tweeting @FromTheLabBench or commenting on this blog post!

Super-Hero Experiment #1: The Origin of Life

Super-Hero Experiment #2: The Waggle Dance

Super-Hero Experiment #3: What Lies Beneath

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