From The Lab Bench, 3 Years in the Making! #PartyOnTheLabBench

Exactly three years (and a couple days) ago, I *e-mailed* my first "science newsletter" to a couple family members and friends. I was struggling emotionally at the time in a Biomedical Engineering PhD program at Washington University in St. Louis. I wrote:

"Chad suggested I start a science newsletter, called 'From the Lab Bench'. Here is the inaugural edition... to appear once a month!! Disclaimer: I'm starting this for fun, and because I want to learn how to write better (in case my dream of being a science writer is ever realized!)... I'm not saying it's great writing lol! Let me know what you think!"

This was before I had submitted a blog proposal to Nature Network Blogs, the blogging network that eventually evolved into SciLogs. The blog is much handier than this old-fashioned newsletter, don't you think? What y'all say, has my writing improved?!

FromTheLabBench original newsletter.

Lab Bench Feb2011 [PDF]

Please note that this newsletter was for my family and friends only, was not published online originally. At the time, I knew nothing about getting licenses to use images. However, I retain the images in this newsletter with an understanding that the newsletter provides commentary and scholarship that was never meant to be distributed widely online.