I hear. I tweet. I learn. Teaching with Social Media

"I hear. I tweet. I learn." The words of #Manship4002 Strategic Social Media student Bianca Zaragoza (@bianca_zara on Twitter) are a perfect summary of how faculty and students can use social media to enhance learning, collaboration and outreach. This morning, I gave an interactive lecture in #Manship4002 about using social media for education. During the lecture, I asked my students to offer suggestions of how their other teachers could use social media inside and outside the classroom to help them learn, using the hashtag #TeachSocial.

Teenagers and young adults today predominantly get their news and their day-to-day information online - and increasingly from social media such as Wikipedia and blogs and networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. These students are looking up information after class online and on social media; they are going to social networking sites to connect with classmates and potential employers. So teachers and faculty members - where are you? Those Moodle discussion boards and clunky PDF syllabi - students aren't reading them. And waiting 3 days for a professor to respond to a question via e-mail, or to catch a professor during office hours? Over-rated and under-used.

In #Manship4002, we use blog posts, SlideShare lecture powerpoints, Youtube and Instagram video lecture summaries, Twitter discussions and hashtags to turn in assignments and communicate with one another. How do YOU use social media in the classroom? #TeachSocial