Photo of the Week: Backyard Amphibian

My photo of the week is a tiny frog (or toad, not sure which) I found outside my apartment in Durham, North Carolina. This little amphibian was found near dusk amidst pine needles, with no visible water in sight. I immediately had my sister catch this creature and bring him back to our apartment, where we could properly take pictures of him with a speedlite, Westcott silver-lined umbrella and 100mm macro lens + extension tubes. Image (C) Paige Brown,

The 100mm macro lens and 25mm extension tube combination made the amphibian in this picture much larger than life size - in the range of 1.5-2x its original size. The real creature was about the size of a penny. He was actually very small and grayish looking to the naked eye.

Can anyone identify this amphibian? If you can, please comment here and/or tweet me!

Image (C) Paige Brown,

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