Science Blogger, Can I Interview You?

Hi there fellow science blogger! As a PhD student studying science communication, science journalism and more at the Manship School of Mass Communication (at Louisiana State University), I'm going to be interviewing science bloggers this summer and fall for my PhD dissertation. I'm interested in knowing all about your processes and practices as a science blogger! How do you decide what to blog about? How do you know what is "worth" writing about on your blog? How do you attract and keep your readers? Do you have a certain approach or "personality" to your science blog? What topics do you "pass up" and what topics are so important to you, you must blog about them immediately? Where do you get your story ideas and information? Where do your blog posts go after you write them? Where do you see your blog content travel across the web... does it ever make its way into traditional media outlets or larger science news outlets? What is your ultimate goal with science blogging, and has it changed over time? Do ever you self-censor, get colleagues to vet or edit your posts, or edit your blog posts post-publication based on new incoming information? There are some of the questions I'd love to ask you with in-person interviews (face-to-face, via phone, Skype or Google hangout!).

If you'd be willing to have me interview you personally or send you a survey, please give me your contact information confidentially through this link:

I look forward to speaking with you!!! I'll try to contact you at the best time for you!