Tiny Frogs to Catalytic Nanostructures: LSU Research

What an experience I had summer of 2012, working with Louisiana State University's Office of Research Communications to create this year's LSU Research Magazine! I interviewed dozens of professors in person and over Skype, attended physics department presentations on particle physics, and learned a lot about research writing, the editing and publication process, and science PR. I wrote about the development of new drugs at LSU, learning how drug discovery takes on many forms - from basic research to applied technologies. I wrote about how LSU is helping catalyze both students' and the university's success through material science research and application in the energy sector. I met Yi Li, a bright young LSU graduate who started her own improved solar panel business, Renogy, in Louisiana. Li doesn't just know the solar panel business... she knows the nanotechnology that goes into converting sunlight into energy.

"For example, we have to deposit anti-reflective films on the silicon wafer components of our solar panels in order to promote better absorption of sunlight," Li said. "I have the knowledge background to understand that I need to control the vacuum conditions, the temperature, and many other conditions that I adjusted every day in my lab at LSU.”

LSU is a leading research university, and this magazine is a testament to its researchers' efforts. Read and enjoy, and ask questions!